Useful Shortcut Keys in Lightroom

If you have been using adobe Photoshop for a very long time, then you are fully aware that there are a lot of ways and methods to do in every photo edit task. The program is powerful that you can make the perfect outcome. However, in 2007, adobe system created another tool for the benefit of photographers called lightroom. The new program is basically similar with Photoshop, but it has a lot of unique and new features to explore on such as the presets. If you are planning to have the latest version of lightroom, here’s a video on how to install it on mac devices:

lr12Adobe lightoom is mainly responsible in helping photographers with their daily editing process. It is a flexible and non-destructive tool which preserves the beauty of original images from the camera.

In this article, we will talk about some useful shortcut keys that are applicable in lightroom alone. These keys will also help photographers in all levels to perform their task easily. Basically, lightroom has a lot of keyboard shortcuts and some of it is listed on the program. However, some keys were not included in the given list. So, let’s check out some of the rarest keys in lightroom that can help in simplifying things to save time and effort.

Resetting Sliders

To reset sliders in lightroom, holding down ALT in the develop module will reset all the control titles. In addition, users can also double click a certain slider to reset to original setting.

Viewing Library

Press G for grid view, C to compare, D to edit and enhance image, E for Loupe view and N for survey.

Moving Sliders

To move sliders in the program, use the four arrow keys to control it upward, downward, left and right and hold down ALT to shift to other tools.

Slideshow Edit

Some users want to show images a little bit faster. In order to control it easily, go to the grid view and choose an image that you want to start with and hold down Crtl+Enter to start the show.

Straightening the Tool

Use the crop tool easily by holding down Control (Crtl) to straighten the tool and drag the line anywhere you want.