Three Tips Before Using Lightroom Develop Presets

122Lightroom’s develop module are one of the most useful features in the program. You can use this feature to start your editing tasks in Lightroom. You can also create your own customized Lightroom presets if you have enough skills in doing it. However, if you don’t have the time to make useful presets, you can download free and paid presets online.

In this article, we will be talking about the three useful tips that will help you understand the entire Lightroom develop preset settings.

Create separate-themed presets

If you want to make a unique preset, it is best to create two separate themed presets. After doing so, you can play with it by combining the two and adjust the colors. Moreover, you can use these separate presets in different images. If both separate presets are applied to one preset, it simply means that your combination of style and ideas is perfect.

Choose the appropriate adjustment tools

Creating Lightroom presets are very easy yet tricky. For you to be able to come up with a great outcome, it is best to remind yourself to always use and choose the right adjustment tools. Make sure to explore first the effects panel in the develop module in Lightroom before editing. Trying out your changes in presets will help you identify errors and other problems.

Apply presets on import in Lightroom

This tip is basically one of the most exciting tricks in Lightroom. Now that we’ve learned how to create presets and use the right adjustments such as brightness, contrast, noise reduction and white balance effect, it is the right time to save the presets in the library module. You can apply these presets manually in your chosen images. However, you can also apply these wonderful presets automatically when importing images.

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