On Free Lightroom Presets

lr5There are a bunch of free Lightroom presets in the web. Any picture enhancement you can think of has its corresponding preset to it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps that expression has its own vim and vigor with what Lightroom presets can do to a particular picture.

It has the tools in delivering the perfect feature of image, almost lifelike, and with the extra variety that makes any picture a standout from all the rest.

Better still, let’s us talk about some of the more popular presets that come our way, and savor the beauty that they could do even in our own picture.

Contrastly Presets. This preset brings out the best of any portrait in there. It highlights certain edges in one’s face that are normally taken for granted when seen with the naked eye. It somehow makes the bones of one’s face more prominent.

OnOne Signature Collection Volume 2. This is a special preset for those who wanted more emphasis on the person in the picture. It has the ability to subdue the background while accentuating the person on it.

Autumn Landscape Lightroom Preset. It captures the spirit of autumn as if you could already touch it. Those brown leaves seemed to come out of the picture, almost touching it’d roughness even if you’re looking at it on a cold winter night.

Strong HDR Lightroom Preset. This preset is perfect for magazines that highlight details of a person’s face. You could almost see the roughshod edges on his cheek after a close shave. Perfect for highlighting facial emotions.

Cinematic HDR Lightroom Preset. For those who wanted a more cinematic feel with their pictures, this is the preset for them. It creates a 3D effect on your picture, complete with foreground, middle ground and background contours lounging against each other. Pictures with a dramatic effect.

These, and a whole lot more, can be enjoyed with those free Lightroom presets. It’s only when you have the right preset tool that you could have that perfect picture you’ve always imagined.