Landscape Essentials with Lightroom Presets

  • Over 100 presets to use for your landscape photos
  • Photo editing tools that give depth and character to your photos
  • Landscape editing at its best with Lightroom

Lightroom is offering a collection of presets for landscape photos. Any photographer in need of some photo editing and enhancement can now choose from Lightroom’s stash of cool and colorful presets for landscapes.

Landscape in Lightroom is something photo enthusiasts dig when it comes to outdoor shots. They choose Lightroom because it has the appropriate tools for photo editing without altering its inherent beauty. It has more than 100 presets, and brushes to go with, in order to complete the enhancement and development of such photos.


There’s something unique about a landscape in Lightroom. And let us examine a few of it, and see the beautiful effect on your landscape photos through the services of Lightroom.

Landscape in Lightroom has that

  • Edge over other photo-enhancing apps – There’s depth and character in those images, clearer and crisper than any other landscape photos around. You can almost feel the roughshod edges of a particular thing, be it a stone or a piece of wood, when your photos have that Lightroom touch.
  • Cinematic appeal – Yes, you can recreate that last movie you saw with the appropriate landscape preset in Lightroom. Looking at these landscapes is like looking at a scene in the movie, livelier and more vibrant.
  • Clear focal point – It is important also to know where the focal point of the photo is. In this way, you will be able to appreciate the photo more by being conscious about the interplay of characters, lines and even the mood of the images in your photo.
  • Movement as well – That interactive feel of your landscape photos is a unique element of Lightroom photography. With Lightroom, these are not flat images, but more like 3D characters, that makes your photos dynamic and interesting.

So it goes without saying that landscapes in Lightroom recognizes the need of such viewers by giving not just ordinary photos but interactive ones.

Don’t waste time now and download these Lightroom presets into your PC or Mac, and ride with it until you arrived at that specific landscape effect you have in mind.