How To Modify Seascapes In Lightroom?

Most professional photographers know that seascapes are one of the most common image themes. And as an amateur photographer, I have learned from the expert that our goal in producing images is to use both the features of the camera and the software we are separately using to edit images.

Adobe Lightroom also known as one of the rising software in the market provides what most photographers need to help us in our editing workload. Therefore, as I continue with this article, I want you to join me understand and figure out how to modify seascapes in Lightroom.

ss1Before anything else, let us acknowledge that working with seascapes in sunny condition is very different from working with other normal and smooth weather condition like gloomy, foggy, rainy and night photography. Taking images during the sunny season can be daunting and tiring. Moreover, before taking the next step, it is best to gather information and guidelines about taking and editing seascapes images.

Once you have the image, it is best to view the original file settings to know the basics. If you happen to work with RAW images, you have to import it into Lightroom’s program to view it. Having the basic idea of the image normal settings such as color tones, white balance and etc. will help you modify the images carefully.

Basic Seascape Modifications

Modifying image with the seascape theme is quite simple. Initially, you have to start adjusting the amount of the image’s white balance. Depends on your taste and style, navigate and adjust the image using and moving the sliders.

Lightroom Presets and Seascapes

As we all know, Lightroom presets are one of the main features of the program. Unlike any other photo editing tools, presets can be used over and over again since it is reusable and modifiable. It can also be applied to one or more images at once. Moreover, Lightroom users can create their own and customized presets and use it to their images.

There are a lot of popular preset designers scattered online. Their work of art is usually downloadable for free or paid. If you really want to have the best outcome, take the time to download seascapes in Lightroom preset package. It’ll be a big help in your image editing tasks.