Creating Lightroom Presets

ph9As a photographer, I have a specific style of post processing for images. This style of mine is a signature that defines my product as a photographer. And I spent less of time in editing my photos because of the help of my best lightroom presets.

Lightroom is capable with handling presets that can save you plenty of time and energy during your editing process.  And one of the coolest and awesome thing about Lightroom is the ability to store develop settings as presets so you can use them again and again. With little more than just click of your mouse you can both use and create presets.

To start with, simply select an image in the “Develop Module”. Take note; be aware of any settings you have already applied to the image as these will be included in the preset if you don’t specifically exclude them. Then, export a copy and re-import it back into the catalog – you can see an option in the export dialog.

Once you’re ready to work on a creative image, you can start by increasing the contrast in the image and reduce the brightness a little compensate.  You can select Shadows in the “Split Toning” options.

To save the settings as a preset, just locate the presets panel on the left of the Develop Panel. And click the plus sign to the right of the word presets to open the dialog. You can give the preset name that can define what it does.  And then click “Create”.

After clicking the create button, you can find your preset in the “User Presets Collection” and click it to apply to any image in the future.

With Lightroom, you can speed your presets and select the best one for your photo. To get the best lightroom presets, make sure to visit Pinterest and Behance. You’ll find more high-quality presets there.