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More About Action Cameras with Cameradojo

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One of the unique features of action cameras is that you can mount them on just about everything, from your helmet to your bike, you can actually attach them with ease. They’re handy and at the same time durable.


These are the types of action cameras you can get with Cameradojo. So comprehensive are their list of action cameras that more and more photographers, professionals mostly, are rooting for Cameradojo every time they want enhancements to their images.

Aside from its photography features, though, these action cameras from Cameradojo are capable of connecting with smartwatches and smartphones, along with external sensors for a more complete photography experience.

Cameradojo is actually changing the way we deal with photography. The introduction of these action cameras alone shows you how dynamic your images could become. Having the right tools, after all, should be a necessity if you want quality images in return. And Cameradojo is making it more accessible, and easy, to say the least.

Reading their reviews about these action cameras allows you to maneuver these gadgets with ease. In it, you’ll discover the pros and cons of using these drones, quadcopters, and what have you. You will also know certain stories behind these gadgets and why more and more people are vying for it. It pays to read a review from Cameradojo, you’ll come out an informed buyer in the process.

So, check out Cameradojo today through this link,, and get the best deals of these cool action cameras, and produce quality images in return. You won’t find a better online site that deals with these types of tools than Cameradojo, your ultimate digital photography school online.

Presets and Wedding Photos

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Using presets for your wedding photos is something every photographer should have. These are tools that you need to use the moment you think of enhancing your wedding photos. And these are showcased in detail with these presets for wedding photographers review.


Unless you get these presets for wedding photographers review, you won’t know their value in relation to your photo editing. Your wedding pictures would look good all the time, courtesy of the tips that you can get with this review.

Besides, this review is written by a well-meaning professional photographer, who has years of experience when it comes to shooting pictures, let alone editing them. So if you read these reviews on a daily basis, soon enough you’ll be able to inculcate certain styles from this author that would be of great help to your development as a photographer.

Some of the items that you can have from these presets for wedding photographers review are suggestions on how to present your wedding images in such a way as to perk up the memories involved in these pictures, ideas on how to incorporate these cool effects for you to have a more visually-stimulating wedding pictures.

You really need to check out these presets for wedding photographers review right now. Be competitive enough to churn out wedding photos that would make your prospective clients say “yes” the moment they get to see your pictures.

Scour these presets on the web, read their corresponding literature through these reviews, and rest assured that you will have your wedding pictures the way you wanted them to be, along with the memories that go with it.

Why Adobe Photoshop Action Workflow Reviews are Useful

  • Photoshop is a great tool for editing
  • Adobe photoshop action workflow reviews have benefits for pros and beginners
  • Adobe photoshop actions make photo editing easy

Among the photo editing tools around the internet, Adobe Photoshop is probably one of the most popular for both good and bad reasons. But no matter how controversial this software is, no one can deny that is one of the most reliable and useful ones around, especially if you’re the type to strive for full control on your photos.


However, despite the fact that Photoshop is basically the super software for editing, it is also a complex one to navigate through, so it isn’t really surprising that not everyone has mastered Photoshop yet. Luckily, Photoshop actions have hit the market making it possible for everyone, even the beginners, to edit photos like a pro.

Photoshop actions generally vary in scope and style. In order to help guide us in determining which actions are worth downloading or purchasing, we take time to read a couple of Adobe Photoshop action workflow reviews.

Okay, admittedly, reviews can be downers especially if you’ve read a really bad feedback about an action you’ve been meaning to download. But hey, prevention is better than cure right? Also, Adobe Photoshop action workflow reviews make it easier for photographers to choose the right workflows that would work well for them than waste time and money in downloading a  bunch of reviews that could turn out to be complete failures.

Moreover, Adobe Photoshop action workflow reviews are also well organized and crafted by photographers who are experienced in editing, so reviews are practically the source text for photography tips and tricks.

More than the amount of benefits that Adobe Photoshop action workflow reviews help professionals, they’re also great articles to supplement the learning curve for the beginners. Photoshop may not generally be easy, but with the right action workflows, creating a pretty and elegant photo should be easy peasy.


More Infos about Your Digital Action Camera

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Reading a good review about cameras is one thing, checking on its source is another. Yes, you can read reviews online about digital action cameras, but if you consider the source on info about digital action cameras, there is only one site that you need to go to, and that is,


Why Best Action Cam Reviews, in the first place? A source on info about digital action cameras can only be found with Best Action because they only offer the best for a more complete photography experience.

Many photographers and even designers are checking in on Best Action when they want action cameras. Best Action has become an authority over the years, offering advices and delivering the kind of pictures that are anything but trite. And so Best Action has been considered a source on info about digital action cameras.

And if you are a budding photographer, you’re in the right place as a start. When people labeled Best Action as a source on info about digital action cameras, it means that you’re given everything you need when it comes to these types of cameras, so you will be able to enjoy your picture taking to the hilt.

Check out their collection of digital action cameras online, the lens, the straps and even the films to use. You’ll also learn about specific features on these cameras and how to navigate them as soon as you’re about to take your shot. These are all part of the package when you purchase your next digital action camera. So it is not only a source on info about digital action cameras, it also offers affordable action cameras as well.

What is Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

Image processing programs are inevitably and inseparably part of the photography industry today. Whether it’s a fashion or photojournalism photography, post processing tools are required for them to earn and be recognized. Because of this, choosing the right image enhancer tool for your editing tasks is as important as getting a client or owning an expensive camera. Moreover, the demand of owning the best post processing tool comes with no surprise as a lot of developers are coming out to introduce their product.

aug3One of the most popular developers Adobe System, has long been known to produce the best softwares in the photography industry. From Adobe Photoshop, Elements, Bridge and now Adobe Lightroom. They are also known to be consistent in providing a reliable and effective post processing tool.

Adobe Lightroom or simply called LR is a non-destructive, image converter tool which is capable of organizing and modifying hundreds of images at once. Moreover, Adobe created the program to guide photographers with their editing process as well as save time and effort. Adobe Lightroom is the only image processing program that offers a lot of exciting editing features. With each version of Lightroom, Adobe makes sure that users will be satisfied with the outcome and the performance.

So, why Lightroom? Well, if you are a person whose hobby is to take a lot of pictures daily, Lightroom is the best post processing tool for you. It is a very good tool for image organizing, slideshow creation, web sharing, presets for lightroom images application and more. The program also contains smart previews, which allow you to compare changes quickly since you can see both images side by side.  Even professional photographers recommends Lightroom for beginners.  Lastly, Lightroom is a tool that will definitely make your images outstanding and fantastic.


Photoshop Action and the HDR Effect

It is almost impossible not to encounter or deal with photographs in this age of social media. Even if you are not into photos, you will have to post a couple of photographs in a week, for instance, as you highlight a particular event, not just posting a shout out, but accompanied with a picture, too.

pe6Aside from that, people have gone on to great lengths posting pictures online, not ordinary pictures per se, but images of high quality, such as these photo images of Photoshop actions.

Posting pictures on the web, too, have gone major changes. Other photos do have the composition and feel from a professional photographer, even though it is only a work of an ordinary social media user. That is the advantage of having Photoshop as an enhancing tool for your images.

A list of the best Photoshop actions are available online, and you can download these said “actions”, depending on what type of enhancement you want for your photos. It also has its brushes, for you to make changes on specific details of your images.

Take, for instance, its HDR Tools. It has the tool to sharpen certain details of a photograph. This is a suitable Photoshop action if you are a landscape enthusiast because you can present your landscape image from its original glow to light to normal to a heavy feature.

Its editing tool allows you apply different levels of effects on your photo. You’ll be surprised to look at the effect its original level can do to your photo, that it can create a gloomy effect; or that its heavy level can highlight the shade of the sun in a more pronounced way.

HDR is much more concerned with the overall impact of a photo. One look at it, one can surmise that it is indeed a work of a professional. It has a way of presenting your photograph like that of an image from a National Geographic.

So get yourself an HDR Photoshop action right now and start enhancing your photo images along with the best Photoshop actions available on the web.

Three Tips Before Using Lightroom Develop Presets

122Lightroom’s develop module are one of the most useful features in the program. You can use this feature to start your editing tasks in Lightroom. You can also create your own customized Lightroom presets if you have enough skills in doing it. However, if you don’t have the time to make useful presets, you can download free and paid presets online.

In this article, we will be talking about the three useful tips that will help you understand the entire Lightroom develop preset settings.

Create separate-themed presets

If you want to make a unique preset, it is best to create two separate themed presets. After doing so, you can play with it by combining the two and adjust the colors. Moreover, you can use these separate presets in different images. If both separate presets are applied to one preset, it simply means that your combination of style and ideas is perfect.

Choose the appropriate adjustment tools

Creating Lightroom presets are very easy yet tricky. For you to be able to come up with a great outcome, it is best to remind yourself to always use and choose the right adjustment tools. Make sure to explore first the effects panel in the develop module in Lightroom before editing. Trying out your changes in presets will help you identify errors and other problems.

Apply presets on import in Lightroom

This tip is basically one of the most exciting tricks in Lightroom. Now that we’ve learned how to create presets and use the right adjustments such as brightness, contrast, noise reduction and white balance effect, it is the right time to save the presets in the library module. You can apply these presets manually in your chosen images. However, you can also apply these wonderful presets automatically when importing images.

See more preset tips, Lightroom tutorials and sleeklens’ guide at

On Free Lightroom Presets

lr5There are a bunch of free Lightroom presets in the web. Any picture enhancement you can think of has its corresponding preset to it.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps that expression has its own vim and vigor with what Lightroom presets can do to a particular picture.

It has the tools in delivering the perfect feature of image, almost lifelike, and with the extra variety that makes any picture a standout from all the rest.

Better still, let’s us talk about some of the more popular presets that come our way, and savor the beauty that they could do even in our own picture.

Contrastly Presets. This preset brings out the best of any portrait in there. It highlights certain edges in one’s face that are normally taken for granted when seen with the naked eye. It somehow makes the bones of one’s face more prominent.

OnOne Signature Collection Volume 2. This is a special preset for those who wanted more emphasis on the person in the picture. It has the ability to subdue the background while accentuating the person on it.

Autumn Landscape Lightroom Preset. It captures the spirit of autumn as if you could already touch it. Those brown leaves seemed to come out of the picture, almost touching it’d roughness even if you’re looking at it on a cold winter night.

Strong HDR Lightroom Preset. This preset is perfect for magazines that highlight details of a person’s face. You could almost see the roughshod edges on his cheek after a close shave. Perfect for highlighting facial emotions.

Cinematic HDR Lightroom Preset. For those who wanted a more cinematic feel with their pictures, this is the preset for them. It creates a 3D effect on your picture, complete with foreground, middle ground and background contours lounging against each other. Pictures with a dramatic effect.

These, and a whole lot more, can be enjoyed with those free Lightroom presets. It’s only when you have the right preset tool that you could have that perfect picture you’ve always imagined.



How to Import Photographs in Lightroom?

LR 15In our previous articles, we already tackled and covered several topics as to understanding what Adobe Lightroom is and how it help photographers. We also had a quick overview about Lightroom’s smooth interface. After talking about the program’s basic features and services, now is the right time to understand some of the hidden features of Lightroom.

Before we can start using the tools in Lightroom, we need to import images to work with. That is the reason why we came up with this article, we want to give you some ideas on how to import images in Adobe Lightroom’s interface.

I am currently using the latest version of Lightroom to guide you over the process of importing pictures to the program. Some say that this process is very easy, but actually, it’s very tricky if you have no idea what Lightroom is all about.

Importing Images To Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a photo editing tool which helps photographers save time and effort in editing images. It is also a post-processing tool, which means, in order for you to start using the program, you will need to import images from your PC to Lightroom’s  image library. Again, importing images is easy since it can be done using the program’s import option.
Step By Step Tutorial on how to import images:

  1. Open Adobe Lightroom
  2. Click import located at the bottom left corner in the library module.
  3. Select import photos and video of the selection panel
  4. Choose desired images to be edited and you’re done.

Essentially, the program should automatically launch the import service as soon as you’re done connecting the program to the external storage device on your PC. If it does not show, you have to go to the preferences option in edit menu and check the import dialog when memory is detected box. For more helpful details about lightroom, check the page of infoparrot tutorials.

Check out this video about installing Lightroom presets on from Sleeklens Mac and PC:

How To Modify Seascapes In Lightroom?

Most professional photographers know that seascapes are one of the most common image themes. And as an amateur photographer, I have learned from the expert that our goal in producing images is to use both the features of the camera and the software we are separately using to edit images.

Adobe Lightroom also known as one of the rising software in the market provides what most photographers need to help us in our editing workload. Therefore, as I continue with this article, I want you to join me understand and figure out how to modify seascapes in Lightroom.

ss1Before anything else, let us acknowledge that working with seascapes in sunny condition is very different from working with other normal and smooth weather condition like gloomy, foggy, rainy and night photography. Taking images during the sunny season can be daunting and tiring. Moreover, before taking the next step, it is best to gather information and guidelines about taking and editing seascapes images.

Once you have the image, it is best to view the original file settings to know the basics. If you happen to work with RAW images, you have to import it into Lightroom’s program to view it. Having the basic idea of the image normal settings such as color tones, white balance and etc. will help you modify the images carefully.

Basic Seascape Modifications

Modifying image with the seascape theme is quite simple. Initially, you have to start adjusting the amount of the image’s white balance. Depends on your taste and style, navigate and adjust the image using and moving the sliders.

Lightroom Presets and Seascapes

As we all know, Lightroom presets are one of the main features of the program. Unlike any other photo editing tools, presets can be used over and over again since it is reusable and modifiable. It can also be applied to one or more images at once. Moreover, Lightroom users can create their own and customized presets and use it to their images.

There are a lot of popular preset designers scattered online. Their work of art is usually downloadable for free or paid. If you really want to have the best outcome, take the time to download seascapes in Lightroom preset package. It’ll be a big help in your image editing tasks.

Creating Lightroom Presets

ph9As a photographer, I have a specific style of post processing for images. This style of mine is a signature that defines my product as a photographer. And I spent less of time in editing my photos because of the help of my best lightroom presets.

Lightroom is capable with handling presets that can save you plenty of time and energy during your editing process.  And one of the coolest and awesome thing about Lightroom is the ability to store develop settings as presets so you can use them again and again. With little more than just click of your mouse you can both use and create presets.

To start with, simply select an image in the “Develop Module”. Take note; be aware of any settings you have already applied to the image as these will be included in the preset if you don’t specifically exclude them. Then, export a copy and re-import it back into the catalog – you can see an option in the export dialog.

Once you’re ready to work on a creative image, you can start by increasing the contrast in the image and reduce the brightness a little compensate.  You can select Shadows in the “Split Toning” options.

To save the settings as a preset, just locate the presets panel on the left of the Develop Panel. And click the plus sign to the right of the word presets to open the dialog. You can give the preset name that can define what it does.  And then click “Create”.

After clicking the create button, you can find your preset in the “User Presets Collection” and click it to apply to any image in the future.

With Lightroom, you can speed your presets and select the best one for your photo. To get the best lightroom presets, make sure to visit Pinterest and Behance. You’ll find more high-quality presets there.

The Best Lightroom Presets

pre5Adobe Lightroom is one of the most well-known photo editing programs in the market today. It helped a lot of professional photographers in processing massive numbers of images every day. Moreover, it helped them save more time and effort thus giving them the opportunity to take more fascinating photographs. One of the great feature of lightroom that allows user to enjoy it is the use of presets or filtered images applied on images.

With the use and help of lightroom presets, the application of effects and filters on images makes it easier than ever. Presets can be applied to one or more images at once. Lightroom contains default preset collection, however, it is limited. If you are too lazy to create new ones, you can download presets for free or purchase it on a certain amount depending on the quality of presets.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best lightroom presets that is available in the market.

Listed below are some of the few famous lightroom presets:

  • Lightroom Presets Starter Pack
  • Aged Black & White Print Preset
  • onOne Free Lightroom Presets
  • 10 Free Vintage Presets
  • Warm Fog Lightroom Preset
  • Elegant Fade Lightroom Preset
  • Basic Colour Enhancement Lightroom Presets
  • Fall Colors Lightroom Presets
  • Black & White Lightroom Presets
  • Caramel Lightroom Preset
  • Fashion Lightroom Presets

One of the advantages of lightroom presets is that users can modify it anytime they want since presets are reusable and modifiable. You can simply apply preset on the image and make some minor adjustment to suit the emotion of the image.


Adobe lightroom presets is the greatest foundation to process and modify an image. I’ve used a lot of presets over the years; it has different styles and adjustments. However, I still prefer creating my own presets since I have enough time to do it. Photography is my passion and lightroom helps me simply the editing process.



Useful Shortcut Keys in Lightroom

If you have been using adobe Photoshop for a very long time, then you are fully aware that there are a lot of ways and methods to do in every photo edit task. The program is powerful that you can make the perfect outcome. However, in 2007, adobe system created another tool for the benefit of photographers called lightroom. The new program is basically similar with Photoshop, but it has a lot of unique and new features to explore on such as the presets. If you are planning to have the latest version of lightroom, here’s a video on how to install it on mac devices:

lr12Adobe lightoom is mainly responsible in helping photographers with their daily editing process. It is a flexible and non-destructive tool which preserves the beauty of original images from the camera.

In this article, we will talk about some useful shortcut keys that are applicable in lightroom alone. These keys will also help photographers in all levels to perform their task easily. Basically, lightroom has a lot of keyboard shortcuts and some of it is listed on the program. However, some keys were not included in the given list. So, let’s check out some of the rarest keys in lightroom that can help in simplifying things to save time and effort.

Resetting Sliders

To reset sliders in lightroom, holding down ALT in the develop module will reset all the control titles. In addition, users can also double click a certain slider to reset to original setting.

Viewing Library

Press G for grid view, C to compare, D to edit and enhance image, E for Loupe view and N for survey.

Moving Sliders

To move sliders in the program, use the four arrow keys to control it upward, downward, left and right and hold down ALT to shift to other tools.

Slideshow Edit

Some users want to show images a little bit faster. In order to control it easily, go to the grid view and choose an image that you want to start with and hold down Crtl+Enter to start the show.

Straightening the Tool

Use the crop tool easily by holding down Control (Crtl) to straighten the tool and drag the line anywhere you want.